Coronavirus Update

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, we have changed the way in which we function during our site visits. We are publishing this guidance to our clients for you to know how we intend on conducting ourselves if we are required to visit your property during the lockdown period.

As per the Government’s guidelines, we are still able to conduct visits into your home and business premises. These visits can only be conducted if we are following the Government’s guidance regarding social distancing, self-isolation and shielding.

Finding details on allowing tradesmen into your property can be found here.

Regarding site visits, our technician’s will be following the below points:

1. If our technician is suffering from either a new consistent cough or fever, site visits will be cancelled. To identify a fever within our staff, each technician’s temperature being taken and recorded daily prior to any site visits being conducted.

2. Our technicians will conduct a questionnaire at each site visited prior to entry to ensure no new symptoms are identified throughout each day. Questionnaires will be conducted on both the technician’s health and all occupants within the visited site, we will request a signature to confirm your answers. If we discover that any occupant of the property is either:

a) suffering from COVID-19 symptoms or

b) self-isolating or

c) shielding because being identified as being clinically vulnerable

we will not enter your property. If this is the case, we would appreciate you letting us know in advance and as possible.

3. Upon entering a client’s property our technicians will request to wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water. If soap and water are not available, we will use antibacterial hand sanitiser.

To reduce the risk of any transmission from ourselves, we will ensure our nose and mouths are covered using an improvised face covering. This is unlikely to be a face mask, due to leaving all stocks available to the medical and healthcare profession. During our time within your property, we will ensure social distancing guidelines are met by keeping at least 2 meters from other.

4. Upon completion of any work, we will wipe down any surfaces touched with disinfectant surface cleaner. Prior to our technician leaving your property, they will again request to wash their hands.

These are unusual times we are currently living, and we would appreciate your co-operation throughout, our response times may be affected.

Public Health England guidance to social distancing can be found here.

Public Health England guidance to shieling the clinically vulnerable can be found here.

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

Published on the 27th April, 2020