CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) gives you eyes in and around your property. CCTV will deter vandalism, theft and violence, which in turn adds safety and peace of mind.

We provide the latest in CCTV solutions deploying:

  • High definition video to gain the best image quality
  • Infrared lighting for enhanced night time black and white images
  • IP internet protocol cameras with advanced features
  • Video analytics to draw attention to activity
  • External intruder detection
  • Audio announcements to further deter an intruder
  • Connection to remote video response centres for 24-hour monitoring

All our systems will integrate with your smart phone, tablet or PC. Allowing you to view your cameras live or play back of recorded footage anywhere you have an internet connection.

Footage will be retained on a hard disk recorder providing easy access to and maintenance of previously recorded video.

We have experience of both single site solutions and multi-site solutions.