Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarm systems provide a visual deterrent to a would-be intruder. The presence of an intruder alarm on your property is recommended by crime reduction authorities, to prevent you from being a target of burglary. Great peace of mind is gained from the fact that something is watching your property when you are unable.

Libra Security provides intruder alarms for your specific requirements. We design our systems to alert the appropriate personnel whilst preventing false activations. Whether you would like a system to sound at the site, integrate with and alert your smartphone, contact appointed key holders or contact the police – we have a solution for you.

Our intruder alarm systems are provided with a certificate of compliance, issued by the SSAIB – Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board. This certificate demonstrates to your insurance company that Libra Security provide systems and service to their requirements, this could lead to an insurance premium discount.

Monitoring services are offered for your alarm system. These are handled by our approved alarm receiving centre partner.